Monday, 2 April 2007


The interclub was held at Longridge and was attended by students from GB Preston, GB Pendle, Eccles and Doncaster; white and blue belts and purple belt fought on the day, with some great matches in all divisions. Absolute division had some tasty match ups and at the end of the session a number of students called out their opponents and stepped into the middle and laid it on the line!

Four Pendle students stepped up and Ben Ogunby walked away with a silver in white belt middle weight division, well done! Danny Mc Nally competed in his first ever comp and after shaking off the nerves, fought two hard matches, lost one to submission and the other on points.

Colin Drake fought in the middle weight and Absolute and fought one of the best fights of the day, against the winner of white belt Middle weight, narrowly losing on points. Colin never gave up, even when locked in a TIGHT triangle - a fine display of guts and a never-say-die attitude!!

Congrats to all that fought on the day and pix to follow soon!

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